Prometheus Informatics

Chief Technology Officer

Job description
We are looking for a top-notch Chief Technology Officer to lead our research and development team to the next level. He or she understands that a crystal clear vision needs to be put in practice – faster and better than competition, towards customer requirements of tomorrow – just like we have done during the last thirty years. Current hashtags like big data, cloud, blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving are no concepts without realized customer value – our new CTO has capitalized on (a part of) them to the benefit of customers. He or she doesn’t stop if hardware needs to be part of the equation to disrupt a (software) market place.

Company Profile
Logistics is quite literally the highway that allows the global economy to work. Digitization has changed the way we manage the flow of goods and services from production to consumption, and -don’t forget!- back. However, in a world that is increasingly competing on resources current paradigms limit progress. Prometheus believes that logistics deserves an integrated approach beyond its classic dimensions. So, why do we still:

  • Optimize inbound and outbound logistics separately?
  • Spill operational data at our fingertips?
  • Defy standards and uniform meta structures?
  • Ignore the hardware and human components of required solutions?
  • Ultimately, sub-optimise logistics resources at the cost of revenue and environment?

Prometheus is absolutely determined to do things differently and reclaim -quite literally- former wasteland to create unprecedented customer value. In order to optimize their business processes, our customers need to have full insight into their logistics operation. Prometheus Informatics creates that insight. Our platform supports and leads the logistics processes of their entire organizations. From mobile solutions (on after-market onboard computers, factory-installed displays or smartphone apps) that provide professional drivers with information, to an online portal that informs and supports their planning and administration. All of that in one, integrated software platform, run in the cloud as new normal. Prometheus puts her money where her mouth is. Cloud? Check… we offer for years now. IoT: we got working, end-to-end solutions. The outcome? The most efficient and effective service possible – now and tomorrow.

Your tasks

  • You contribute to future strategic company directions with technology vision, strategies and closed-loop execution.
  • You sustain and extend our position as a leading platform that connects logistical actions in the field with back office tasks and decisions.
  • You scale up and focus our team of software developers (15+ FTE), foster and adjust our team culture and structure;
  • You retain and develop current development top-talent, attract new key-players;
  • You balance research with development – sustain our long-term competitive edge, while keeping the team deliver short term  – sustain and extend our platform scalability;
  • You keep a keen eye on technology trends and understand their (lack of) business application, preferably also in combination with the industry verticals we serve.
  • You are the dragoman for the developers and the business side of the company – strong ability to speak two kinds of language: code and English – and Dutch, preferably German as well;
  • You understand the role of hardware and design/ build solutions that include hardware assets – where and if appropriate to disrupt markets;
  • You budget, balance cost and benefits;
  • You report directly to the CEO and are a member of the Management Team.


  • You have 15+ years’ work experience and a track record of success in leadership – both in influence and hierarchy.
  • You can translate overall vision into customer value, team plans, KPIs – monitor and ensure progress.
  • You are analytical, and you dare to make tough and bold choices, so our innovation leadership is sustained.
  • You have experience with large-scale cloud environments and advanced CI/CD-supported development.
  • You are able to understand the implications of our bimodal software architecture that spans from our customer’s back office to their drivers’ mobile devices and applications and the underlying cloud infrastructure.
  • You are data-driven, without becoming myopic. You know to choose the right context.
  • You have architectural experience.
  • People respect you as an inspirational leader. You are energetic, and you inspire others to be the best versions of themselves. You build bridges and remove barriers, naturally.
  • You got people management skills: track record of success within research and development.
  • You are capable of running multinational teams in different locations – including the required international travel up to 40% of your time.


  • You get a unique opportunity to make a big impact on the company’s evolution and scale-up.
  • Joy at work – you meet an excellent team of lateral thinkers looking for your inspiration and focus, table football, junk food Friday - for those that are lead into temptation, and your peers in the management team eagerly waiting to make a difference with you.
  • A full-time position with competitive salary and secondary employment benefits, e.g. company car and pension scheme.
  • A nice office in the heart of the Netherlands.

Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld.
Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated.

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